Podcast iRemedy Debuts “The Supply Side“ Podcast, Unveiling Insights into the Medical Supply Chain and Healthcare Industry

STUART, FL – June 15, 2023 – The iRemedy Healthcare Companies, Inc. (“iRemedy” or “the Company”), a trusted and reliable partner for acquiring medical supplies, today announced the launch of their new podcast, “The Supply Side”. Hosted by iRemedy CEO, Tony Paquin, the podcast is an exploration of the oftentimes inefficient, problematic, and vulnerable medical supply chain and other nuances in the healthcare industry.

“The Supply Side” is now available on YouTube and will soon be accessible across all major podcast platforms. Each episode will delve into an array of healthcare-related topics, with a particular focus on the complexities and challenges of the medical supply chain. The show will feature conversations with various guests, including industry experts and healthcare professionals.

“Our goal with ‘The Supply Side’ is to expose the hidden underbelly of the medical supplies world,” stated Tony Paquin, CEO of iRemedy. “It’s a shocking reality that in our modern society, lives are lost due to supply shortages. This is not a case of lack of innovation, but a failure in supply chain management. Our mantra, ‘Smarter Supply, Saves Lives,’ emphasizes the urgency to address and rectify these challenges. We delve into the intricate processes behind sourcing and distribution, and the obstacles that hinder affordability and accessibility, because we believe these conversations are vital to save lives and improve healthcare.”

The iRemedy team believes that understanding the ins and outs of the medical supply chain is a crucial part of improving healthcare outcomes. Through this podcast, the company hopes to generate awareness and stimulate dialogue that can contribute to making positive changes in the industry.

For more information on “The Supply Side” and to tune into the first episode: Unraveling the Intricacies of the Medical Supply Chain

About The iRemedy Healthcare Companies

iRemedy is a trusted and reliable partner for acquiring medical supplies, servicing over 15,000 healthcare provider clients nationwide. With a commitment to transparency and competition, iRemedy guarantees access to verified supplies by sourcing directly from established manufacturers and distributors around the world. Their industry-leading technology and group purchasing power consistently drive low pricing for customers every day. iRemedy is headquartered in Stuart, Florida, with offices in New York, and a distribution center in Florida. For investment information, please visit invest.iRemedy.com. For company information, please visit www.iRemedy.com.


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