Medical Supplies Reimagined

The medical supply chain is broken, and healthcare providers and patients are suffering as a result. iRemedy is working to solve that problem by creating one of the world’s largest and most powerful procurement marketplace — powered by our patented AI technology.



The Medical Supply Industry

The medical supplies market is projected to reach $163.5 billion by 2027 from $138.4 billion in 2022, at a CAGR of 3.4% during the forecast period. The growth in this market is driven by the increasing demand for infection control measures to control hospital-acquired infections, increasing demand for medical devices, increasing number of ICU beds in hospitals and surgical centers, and rising number of accidents and trauma cases.




Hospital and Care Establishments






What Makes iRemedy Different From Others?

The typical medical supplier in the United States is over 100 years old. They were born before most homes had electricity and TVs, and before IBM built their first computer in 1953. And they still operate that way. We were born into a world that conquers complex problems with state-of-the-art, AI-driven technology. Our catalog is one of the largest, smartest public medical supply catalog in the world, with over 500,000 products and growing. We solve complex pricing, contracting, and sourcing problems — automatically.

They are the past. We are the future.


The Medical Supply Industry Is Broken

iRemedy has assembled the best of the best for a winning team. From Microsoft to Amazon, to multiple successful exits, the iRemedy team we feel are positioned to continue to grow this multi-million dollar company into a medical supply giant.

Hidden costs

Going with a legacy supplier means pricing fluctuations and tacked-on fees add up quickly, causing customers to dramatically overspend.

Global supply chain issues

It doesn’t take much disruption to upend global manufacturing and shipping, which ends up causing mass shortages and disastrous delays. Today’s medical suppliers haven’t invested in the technology to track and predict these changes before they happen.

Negative customer experience

People expect a modern buying experience at home and at work. Only iRemedy simplifies complex medical supply purchasing through AI-powered design and interface.


Smart. Transparent. Revolutionary.

Patients and healthcare providers deserve the peace of mind that comes from knowing they have what they need, when they need it most. They deserve to reach their health goals. They deserve to offer patients the best care possible. That’s where iRemedy comes in.

Transparent pricing

No hidden costs or fees. No surprises. Just the best price available for the products you need.

Easy ordering

Simple, fast, and secure. Our interfaces are user-friendly and direct — what you see is what you get. No more faxes, confusing order forms, or hours on hold with customer service.

Constant supply monitoring

iRemedy uses groundbreaking AI to track inventories, shipments, and manufacturers 24/7. Customers can easily stay aware of shortages, so they don’t waste valuable time and money.

90% of All Medical Supplies are Sourced in Asia

iRemedy’s mission is to focus on more domestic supply and a more resilient global supply chain.

Health and medical supplies delivered fast, when you need them most.

Join the movement in the AI-powered medical marketplace disrupting the $130 billion medical supply market.


The Time For Change is Now.

There’s never been a better time to empower patients and healthcare providers with a service that will not only make their lives easier but will literally save lives. When you invest in iRemedy, you’re investing in the future of healthcare — an industry desperate for revolutionary modernization. Be a part of this incredible technology-fueled step forward. Join our growing community of investors today.


Revolutionize the Broken and Corrupt Medical Industry With Us

Having access to medical supplies can be an issue of life or death. Waiting is not an option, and going through red tape only makes helping people harder. The medical supply industry is failing patients. iRemedy has a disruptive solution to transform the industry. Our catalog is one of the largest, smartest public medical supply catalog in the world, with over 500,000 products and growing. We solve complex pricing, contracting, and sourcing problems — automatically. The gold standard is here, and it’s going to change everything.


Executive Leadership Team

iRemedy has assembled the best of the best for a winning team. From Microsoft to Amazon, to multiple successful exits, the iRemedy team is positioned to continue to grow this multi-million dollar company into a medical supply giant.

Tony Paquin


  • Founder and CEO, Agency One / AMS; Sold to CNA Insurance
  • Founder and CEO, Medinex; IPO on Nasdaq
  • Ten-year advisor to C-Suite healthcare leaders
  • Twelve patents filed, three issued
  • Author of two healthcare books

Jim Harding


  • One of the creators of PC-DOS, licensed to Microsoft
  • VP Technology, Amazon; built and launched the Amazon Marketplace
  • Sold two companies to Amazon (Cartia, PhotoTrust)
  • Sixteen patents filed, six issued


iRemedy Current Revenue

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Our Physician and Healthcare Professional Investors


We have over 500,000 products in our catalog, and our platform constantly monitors pricing and availability. We add more products daily.

If we don't have it, we will find it. Our sourcing robots scan the world to find what you need — when you need it. We are searching 24/7 to make sure your every need is met.

Medical products have complex rules about pricing, GPO contracts, availability, allocations, and licensing requirements. We analyze millions of data points to be sure you get the right product, at the best possible price for you — every time you buy.

With a simple click, you can buy a product for your personal use or manage the purchase of tens of thousands of products for hundreds of locations. Fast, easy, and modern — just as you would expect.

After the purchase, we help our professional clients analyze cost and availability. We manage clinical preferences, contract compliance, distributor margins, and buyer activities – on their behalf and all automatically. Our AI is generating the intelligence our clients need to ensure they succeed in their mission.


Invest in iRemedy

iRemedy will soon change forever the way medical supplies are sourced in the United States. Confusing prices, product shortages, and outrageous costs will be a thing of the past as we modernize the supply chain with artificial intelligence. Now is the time.


Company Updates


General FAQ

We believe there are two great reasons to invest in iRemedy Healthcare. First, healthcare costs in America are among the highest in the world and a major factor in that cost is the non-competitive nature of medical supply sales. Investing in iRemedy Healthcare is a way to participate in a new model of lower medical supply costs and subsequently, lower healthcare costs in America. Secondly, the medical supply industry is one of the largest vertical markets in the country with sales exceeding $100B. The timing is excellent to utilize a new AI marketplace platform to achieve continued rapid sales growth.

As a healthcare professional you will be able to be an owner and participant in the company from which you purchase your medical supplies. Also, owners in iRemedy Healthcare qualify for a discount on their medical supply purchasing as well as free shipping.

The founders and senior executives of iRemedy Healthcare have had multiple successful exits including acquisitions and a NASDAQ public offering. The executive team is committed to an expeditious successful exit, either via acquisition or IPO.

Our offering is open to US and international investors.

You can view our offering circular at the link below. We recommend you read it before investing:
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Contact iRemedy Healthcare directly for a phone consultation or further information.
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Let us know if you have any additional questions.

iRemedy Healthcare has a proprietary AI driven marketplace protected by patents issued and patents filed/pending. There are many ‘legacy’ vendors in medical supply distribution but none that are manufacturer, distributor, vendor, and product agnostic.

Proceeds from this offering will be used to further develop iRemedy’s AI Marketplace technology and expand the company’s sales and marketing teams.

iRemedy Healthcare plans on expanding our medical supply distribution business to encompass worldwide sourcing and distribution of products largely due to our proprietary AI marketplace platform.

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